Waffle Weave Gifts

Waffle weave towels are a wonderful gift - especially when monogrammed.

Modern Design Waffle Weave Towels monogrammed with simple, dark brown letter really shine in a high-end white bathroom

A set of towels  is a practical and chic wedding gift, especially because they  come in lots of beautiful colors, including White and Cream, and in Classic Waffle and Modern Design style choices.

Anniversaries, Birthdays and Graduation Gifts

Waffle towels in a color that represents a shared love - a sports team, or hobby are a wonderful gift.

Or use a bath sheet in place of a picnic blanket, with a classic picnic basket for a memorable, fun gift with a classic picnic basket. Our bath sheets are huge - 40x80" and can be tossed in the washer and dryer after use.  

For the college-bound graduate - towels are a practical and much appreciated gift - especially because so many dorm rooms have microscopic storage space, and even fewer places to hang a towel to dry.  Our quick dry towels will keep your student's room smelling fresh and sweet, or at least fresher and sweeter.

Practical, beautiful and unique - our waffle weave towels are a wonderful gift.