We love hearing what you think of our towels. And we know that in the end, what you tell us is often more interesting and helpful than anything we could say. We hope you enjoy these recent reviews:

The given is that not everyone likes the same thing. Ordered one of these as replacement for a set of two others I didn't like. This is the first towel ever in my 77 years that isn't a traditional towel. The Gilden Tree Waffle Weave washes wonderfully, although as is described there is some shrinking in the first couple of washes. This isn't an issue as it's super large.

It dries the body well. And dries quickly once back on the rod. Oh, yes! It also dries very well when washed. I have a combo washer/dryer and depending on the load the drying time can be chancy, but not with this towel.

The waffle weave is somewhat mesmerizing, it's so different. The fact that it's made of a chemical-free cotton fiber is a huge plus in my mind. And, without planning to do so, I realized that the Seafoam color is almost the same shade as the birds in the tree on my shower curtain. Who could have imagined?! Extra bonus! === :-)

- Susan B

 Wonderful product. Much larger than I had imagined! Which is great. It is softer each time I wash it. Will order more!

- Diane B.

Great absorbent towel. First towel of this sort that I experienced was in Italy at a hotel. My initial reaction was "yuke", but I soon found out this type of towel is wonderful.

- Charlotte S.

We love these towels!!! We have ordered three sets and now have a set of hand towels. They are easy care, dry quickly and work efficiently. Thanks!!

- Diane S.

These are wonderful towels!!! My husband had used this style of towel while in Rome and loved them. We bought two as a trial initially and have since ordered another set. A great product and company.

- Diane S.

Completely comparable to the $70 linen waffle weave towels made by other luxury linen companies. They dry super quickly. The 32 x 62 is a bit larger than I really need, but they're great towels. I'll probably order the smaller guest towel in the future.

- Stephanie S.

Very happy with my purchase. Exactly the quality of those towels that were in a luxury European hotel.

- Alan S.

Love these towels.We live on the coast with lots of humidity. These towels dry quickly and we prefer the different texture over standard terry towels. Have already reordered more.

- Connie T.

Have a few of these, and given a few as gifts. Quality, and long lasting.

- Lester P.

These towels are exactly what I was looking for. They are very absorbent and dry quickly on the rack and in the dryer. I ordered more right away.

- Catherine S.